That’s our personal qoute for all the rebellistas out there. is a Second Hand Shop with exclusive clothings from different brands. We ship worldwide and hopefully we can grow so much that all sizes will be available for all different shapes.
Our clothings is everything from unique, chic, classy and cool. We only sell clothings that are in good quality and that we see potential in.

Emilia (owner)- ” I have always been doing my own thing since 2013 (that’s when I started blogging). I don’t have a special style, if I see something I like, I wear it! It’s everything from cute tops to baggy jeans. I like to switch styles from day to day, one day I wanna be cool and the next day I wanna be a classy ass business woman. “

Forget the rules, if you like it, wear it! – Emilia Angergård

Emilia angergård
CEO / Founder

I’m 23 years old fashion influencer with over 50K followers on instagram. I started Stylerebel to share my style with others and to influence people to shop more Second Hand.